What is Together We Move?

Together We Move is a brand new challenge you can take on in support of The Passage.



would pay for an experienced Resettlement Worker for a day, to find long-term housing solutions for homeless individuals in emergency accommodation.


would pay for a laptop for a newly resettled client to use to apply for jobs and training opportunities to enable them to get back on their feet.


would pay for 3 beds, the most basic of essentials for homeless clients moving from emergency accommodation into sustainable housing in the private rented sector so that they can sleep safe and sound each night


would pay for a comprehensive move on pack containing all essential electrical appliances, a bed and basic furniture for a homeless client moving from emergency accommodation into sustainable housing in the private rented sector, so that they can cook meals and sleep comfortably.

As the country comes out of lockdown this July we are faced with one of the biggest challenges in our 40-year history: how to prevent hundreds of homeless people that have been helped off the streets during the pandemic from returning to the streets once the crisis subsides

Over the past few weeks, as well as finding secure and sustainable housing for our clients, we have been transforming their houses into homes by providing furniture, cooking appliances and electronic devices so that they are able to eat, sleep and live comfortably, improving the likelihood of them sustaining their tenancies.

If we are successful, this would result in a huge reduction in the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Westminster.

Our Urgent House Our Homeless Appeal aims to:

  • Move all homeless clients currently residing in emergency accommodation into sustainable accommodation in the private rented sector, so that they are not forced to return to the streets when the coronavirus crisis subsides.
  • Provide clients with ‘Move-on Packs’ containing household essentials such as a bed, kettle and microwave as well as a mobile or laptop for staying connected to The Passage so they can get further support to secure their future.

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